Asus ZenWatch 2 will arrive with an impressive four day battery life

Take that, Apple Watch

We love the Apple Watch. But we sure could have done with it lasting at least two days in between charges.

Android Wear efforts like the LG G Watch R last one and a half days, but nothing's come close to the one week battery life of the Pebble (unless you count the yet-to-be-released Vector smartwatch).

Asus has, however, announced the new ZenWatch 2 will arrive with an impressive four day battery life, almot doubling that of the original ZenWatch, and pretty much every other smartwatch around at the moment.  

CEO Jerry Shen has stated that the ZenWatch 2 will be present at Computex Taipei between June 2 to 6, and should go on sale between July and September.

Shen said at the recent press briefing that he had hoped the new watch, which will run on Android Wear, would in fact come with a seven day battery life, but four days is still an impressive start which we'll be all too happy to take.

We're not entirely sure how the ZenWatch 2 will be able to achieve that battery life figure, short of cramming in a massive battery and optimising its hardware as much as possible, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Shen isn’t too optimistic when it comes to sales forecasts, predicting the company will ship less than 1 million smartwatches this year. If Asus delivers that battery life along with solid performance, a sleek design and a tempting price tag however, then the tech world might just prove him wrong.

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