Asus’ new ROG laptops give you more reasons to call in sick

GL502VS and G752VS gaming laptops pack in Nvidia’s fearsome GeForce GTX10 series GPUs

Not that we need any reason, but hey, these two new laptops from Republic of Gamers are exactly what you need to justify skipping work.

As some of our friends would say, frame rate is everything. What’s the point of a laptop if you can’t while away lazy afternoons playing the latest FPS titles? That’s exactly where Asus’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) division comes in. They don’t specialise in making sleek and shiny laptops you could fit into a slim messenger bag. Nope, their forte lies more towards the insane (and we mean it as a compliment) end of the laptop spectrum.


Insanity to the max

Laptops like the G752VS (if you’re still wondering what we’re talking about) is what RoG does best: Packing in insane amounts of gaming power in a compact (if not exactly lightweight) package. The G752VS uses a GTX 1070 GPU, an unlocked Intel i7 CPU and up to 64GB (that’s not a typo) DDR4 RAM. And it shouts ‘gaming’ from every angle.

Even its colour scheme - Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper - is as gaming as can be, its 17.3in Full HD display has a 120Hz refresh rate, there’s a backlit anti-ghosting keyboard with 30-key rollover, overclockers will love the dual copper heat pipes and 3D Vapour Chamber cooling system, and there’s Sonic Studio gaming audio and the nifty Sonic Radar, which translates audio into visual cues. Of course, all this top-of-the-line gear doesn’t come cheap - you’ll need to pay ₹2,47,990 to get the G752VS.


The ‘sensible’ one?

The G752VS too extreme for you? Check out the Strix GL502VS, which is a lot more portable (2.3kg vs 4.3kg) than its ‘roided-out bigger brother. You get an i7, GTX 1070 graphics, 32GB DDR4 RAM, a backlit anti-ghosting keyboard with 30-key rollover, dual-copper heat pipes, Icepower audio and a 15in display. Yup, it might be smaller and less powerful than the G752VS, but we bet the specs are still meatier than your old gaming rig. Like it? You can pick the Strix GL502VS for ₹1,81,990.

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