Asus launches the X555 laptop in India

X stands for xtremely cheap

Asus has been getting a lot of things right in 2015.

The Zenbook UX305 recently dethroned the beloved Macbook Air to become our favourite thin laptop and now Asus seems to be targeting the mid-range segment.

The X555 is an average-specced Windows 8.1 notebook, chugging along on an Intel processor. It features 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD and 2GB dedicated graphics with Nvidia GeForce 920M for gaming. At 2.30kg, the X555 is no featherweight but, considering it's a 15.6in laptop, we’ll let it slide. It also packs Asus SonicMaster and AudioWizard tech for clear sound. All the regular connectivity options are checked - USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4, LAN, Bluetooth and VGA. Asus hasn’t said much about the battery life, so we doubt it’s anything to write home about; do wait for our full review for conclusive proof. The laptop has only one colour option… Glossy Dark Brown. We aren’t sure how we feel about that, but we won’t let it cloud our judgement.

The X555 has two models - the LJXX177H with a 5th generation i3 processor and LJXX132H with a 5th generation i5 processor. Both the models are identical, apart from the processor and the price. Interestingly, the cheaper LJXX177H is available at all retail stores, but the i5-toting LJXX132H is available only at exclusive Asus stores. Prices start from 28,999.