Are you a supreme evil overlord? The search for your throne ends here

The ₹3.5 crore Harow Gold Skull Armchair is everything an evil heart wants

Don’t you just hate it when, as THE Dark Overlord of Supreme Evil, you’ve done raising your evil empire, created an army of menacing minions and wreaked havoc on those despicable, good-for-nothing do-gooders, you just can’t seem to find a chair, nay, Throne fit for you?

Well, look no further because the good folks, er, evil geniuses at Paris-based Harow have heard you and thus present you with a “Skull Armchair, Artistic Furniture Built for Comfort & World Domination”. Their words, not ours.

Hand-crafted, the Skull-themed armchair is built with a structure of reinforced fiberglass over an internal frame of steel with 24-carat gold, providing just the right amount of evil sheen. But that’s just one half of it.

The other half is just pure plushiness. Now, now, you may be an unquestionable authority on evil, but your behind would definitely appreciate plonking regally on something more giving. And the luxury black velvet seat does just that.

This “unique edition” armchair can be bought through Nova Starke for a wicked price of ₹3,50,00,000. Let us save you from counting the zeros - that’s Rupees 3.5 crores, evil genius - a fraction of the cost of your weapon of mass destruction.

As far as instilling fear in your subjects while sitting majestically on your throne goes, you’ll be spot on. We’d suggest not destroying it in a fit of blinding rage, purely because we don’t know how many of these armchairs are available.

But then again, who are we to advice an Evil Supreme Master of Darkness?