Are Android Wear watches about to start working with iPhones?

A Huawei Watch leak and another source say yes, furthering the long-boiling rumour

For months now, we've heard that Google was working on adding iPhone support to Android Wear devices, expanding the prospective user pool for the company's smartwatch platform. And there's a new hint that it's just around the corner.

Huawei is expected to show off its long-simmering, Android Wear-toting Huawei Watch again at IFA next week, and listings for the device popped up on Amazon today (before being swiftly removed). The prices ranged between US$350 (about ₹23,250) and US$800 (₹53,000) for various models, dated for 2 September, but there was a bigger detail nestled within the listing.

Namely, in addition to Android, the pages claimed that the Huawei Watch would be compatible with iPhones running iOS 8.2 or newer. No current Android Wear watch is compatible with iOS (without being hacked, of course), and since it's a platform with shared software between all devices, it seems certain that any compatibility added to Huawei's watch would hit the others as well.

Asked for comment, Huawei said "incorrect information" appeared on a "partner site," but that people should "stay tuned for more details next week." However, Android Police checked with a source that confirmed that iOS support for Android Wear is indeed soon on the horizon.

Using an Android Wear watch with an iPhone probably won't be as comprehensive an experience as on Android; the devices will likely tap into the Apple Notification Center Service in iOS for app notifications, and perhaps interact with a Google-made app for deeper functionality. Still, if Pebble can thrive as an Apple Watch alternative, surely Android Wear has a shot with iPhone owners as well.

Keep your eyes on Stuff for the latest and greatest from IFA 2015, including some possible confirmation of iOS support for Android Wear.

[Source: Android Police]