Apple’s Logic Pro X gets a big revamp

New design, Live Loops, more

Probably a good news for musicians, especially who are now locked behind their closed doors. Apple’s Logic Pro X has received a major update ever since its launch, with the version 10.5 now available for download.

The new update now includes a pro version of Live Loops, a redesigned sampling workflow and new beat-making tools. With Live Loops, musicians can now create freeform music with loops, samples and recordings. Additionally, Remix FX enhances Live Loops with a collection of electronic effects such as Bitcrusher, filter, gater and repeater that can be performed in real time over individual tracks or the entire song mix.

What makes it even more interesting is you can pair your iPhone or iPad with the Mac to provide Multi-Touch control over Live Loops and Remix FX. Well, there’s a little too much to talk about it here, so why not update the one you already have and surprise yourself with new features and add-ons that Apple’s Logic Pro X has to offer. Price? Free updates for all, 15,500 for new users.