Apple’s latest babies, AIO PC supertest & killer video games in Stuff India’s October issue - out now!

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The third trimester has begun and all smartphone babies that were due are slowly being delivered, in doubles and triples, in some cases, all at once. Apple being the biggest force among the midwives, that is! If phone makers have their way, the next three months of your year would be spent backing up from one phone and dumping on to the next.

In a constantly evolving market, this year has seen a pretty extraordinary lineup of smartphones. Though there’s a sea of smartphones out there, Apple is still bullish on capturing the elite. Its latest announcements, including the Apple Watch Series 4 has everyone in our office calling dibs on all-things-apple. Truly, if someone doesn’t believe that World Wars can be caused by one colleague calling dibs on an iPhone that hasn’t even hit the market yet, needs to come to Stuff India HQs to see colleagues turning against one another in the war of the smartphones.

As if that wasn't enough techy reading to be getting on with, we've also pitted the iMac, the Surface Studio and the ridiculous HP Envy 34 Curved all-in-one against each other in an all-in-one PCs supertest. That's as well as our verdict on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Xiaomi Poco F1, the best of projectors and plenty more awesome gadget offerings. Never say that we don’t spoil you!

Of course, it’s not just portable PCs and smartphones that we’ve got on offer. If you love riding, then we’ve got lots of pages just for those wanting to have some fun on two wheels. Whether you know how to ride or you’re a happy pillion rider, we’ve got everything you need to know so you can gear up for the road.

Plus, there's your usual dose of Hot Stuff, Beta Yourself and other recurring features that haven't had our name crammed into their title. It's a fab issue!

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