Apple’s design team picks out eight developers for the annual Apple Design Awards

The best of the best

With Apple’s action-packed Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) done and dusted, it’s time Apple announced the best and best apps that make the best use of Apple hardware available. And winners for this year, just like the last, do not disappoint.

Starting off with the best apps, we have Bergen Co.’s Darkroom, a powerful photo and video studio that also has an interface that is not only functional but also looks good while it’s at it.

The next winner for apps appeals to both the pros and the consumers. It’s Loom by that uses music creation tools to bring alive stop-motion animations.

Indeed, there’s no better tool than Shapr 3D for your architectural and technical drawing workflow. The team at Shapr 3D Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag uses ARKit to the fullest and lets technical designers create and modify their creations on the go using just an iPad and the Apple Pencil.

StaffPad from StaffPad Ltd., also makes good use of the Apple Pencil to convert handwritten musical notations into a digital music sheet.

Moving to Games, popular Apple Arcade addition, Sayonara Wild Hearts from Annapurna Interactive made for an action-packed adrenaline pumping video game that made extensive use of Apple’s Metal and more.

Of course, there’s no game as beautiful as Sky: Children of the Light by thatgamecompany that also made its Android debut recently.

Song of Bloom by indie developer Philipp Stollenmayer also makes it to the list and basically uses artsy puzzles to deliver an innovative gaming experience.

Another Apple Arcade hit, Where Cards Fall made by The Game Band makes good use of Apple’s Metal technology for its miniature art styles. If you have subscribed to Apple Arcade and haven’t downloaded it yet, we recommend that you give this title a go right away!