Apple Watch hacked to play Doom, high scores are unlikely

The very definition of ‘just because they could’

Doom, on an Apple Watch.

Not a live wallpaper, not crippled smartwatch version, but the full, uncut, blood splattered classic in all its glory. Yes, someone has made this happen.

Crammed onto Apple’s wristputer by two Facebook developers, the game works, but is almost impossible to play, thanks to the clunkiness of having to control it one tap at a time, on such a small screen.

It’s also been made to run on the new Apple TV, though we’d rather have it on our wrists, purely for the sheer respect and admiration we’d get from everyone at the pub. We think.

This isn’t the first time a smartwatch has had a game forced into it for no good reason. Remember Half-Life on the LG G Watch? Bring on Crysis…

[via Trusted Reviews]