Apple Watch: 11 things you need to know

10. The battery life is decent

The Apple Watch’s battery life has been the subject of much discussion in the run-up to launch. Apple said it would last a day, many presumed it would be worse than that, and many others proclaimed a day to simply not be long enough.

The truth? Apple was speaking it. The Watch does genuinely last a day. 

But is a day enough? That’s a separate question, and the answer really comes down to personal opinion. I know many people who take their watch off at night and plonk it on a bedside table, and with the Apple Watch you’ll do exactly the same thing, only the plonking will be on to the rather delightful MagSafe charger.

11. It’s coming on November 6

The Apple Watch will be on sale from 6th November in India. It starts at a princely 30,900 for the base 38mm Sport Edition and a crazy 14.2lacs for the 18k rose gold Watch Edition!

Detailed review coming soon so check back!