Apple Smart Home devices incoming?

There's no place like iHome

Apple’s iDevices have graced pockets, desks and bags for quite some time now, and we could soon see all-new iThings hanging on our walls.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple’s in the midst of fashioning a set of actual hardware products powered by its HomeKit platform, which it unveiled at WWDC.

No specifics were revealed regading exactly what products are in the pipeline, but 9to5Mac's sources claim the connected home space is integral for Apple’s growth future growth.

The source also adds that these mysterious products will work in tangent with Apple’s current mobile range, including its iPhones and iPads.

Smarthome wars?

The source also indicates that the products aren't designed to go head-to-headwith the likes of the Nest Learning Thermostat or Honeywell Lyric, but will instead perform as more widely used, conventional tools.

This suggests that Apple is looking beyond thermostats and smoke detectors. We could, for example, see something along the likes of a smart speaker system or some type of universal controller.

There’s no telling when these solutions will be launched or made available, but we’re guessing it won’t be too far off in the future since Apple’s already cast its vote of confidence for smart home functionality into iOS 8.

Until then, we’ll sit happy with its new iPhones and Macs, expected to be out by the end of this year. 

[9to5Mac, concept images: Martin Hajek]