Apple owes patent troll $626 million

They see me trollin'... they hatin'...

Apple might have scored a big payday from Samsung late last year, but the company has some legal troubles of its own: an East Texas Federal District Court in the U.S. just awarded VirnetX, a patent holding company that doesn't actively develop products (read: a patent troll), US$625.6 million for Apple's infringement on its intellectual property.

The infringement pertains to FaceTime, iMessage, and VPN functionality, all of which utilize security features deemed too similar to those that VirnetX holds patents for. A previous verdict of US$368.2 million against Apple was vacated on appeal, but this damages retrial generated the much larger sum.

According to CNN Money, Apple has tweaked its software to avoid any further infringement claims, but that won't save the company from paying this huge amount for past usage.

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