Apple this, Lambo, Apple that, Acer and more Apple in the October issue of Stuff – out now!

And it’s available at your nearest bookstore, local newsagent or on your tablet...

The October issue of Stuff India will do things to you – it’ll activate in you the desire to earn more, so you can spend more. Diwali is around the corner and we’re ready with a list of things you can spend that hard-earned bonus on.

The October issue of Stuff India is brimming with some of the most expensive things money can buy. This could’ve easily been labeled the rich man’s issue, but for the sake of our own selves we’ll refrain from being too harsh. Everything from the ultimate gaming laptops to a raging supercar this edition of Stuff is like a can of sardines that wants your money.

Excuse us for salivating over all things Apple, but if we don’t salivate, we wouldn’t be able to do justice to the surreal experience that Apple stands for. It touches the right chords with the iPhone launch, our landing on the Apple Park Campus – a place where no media had set foot before! That is just the beginning – get our hands-on of the iPhone 8 Plus, First Tests of the Maserati Gran Turismo Sport, the scrumptious looking Acer Helios and your value-for-money car, the Skoda Octavia RS (because our house, kidneys and all other belongings have already been mortgaged trying to keep up with the gadget fest we call life).

Then there’s this Lamborghini that has the capacity to make a mummy turn in his grave! Doesn’t make sense, right? This mad rocketship on four wheels called the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster has has perhaps affected our mental balance, looking as good as it does. We’ll say no more!

While in other news, there are phone reviews – Micromax, ViVo, the Note 8; there’s the seamless TP Link Deco, an enthralling ride in the mountains that literally results in a rising mojo – no conspiracy theories here! Don’t forget, loads of this stuff can only be found by buying a copy of the mag, which you can pick up from both physical and digital newsstands right now. Better still, why not subscribe and get the mag delivered straight to your door? Just click here to save yourself a trip to the shops.