Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch could have unscratchable sapphire screens

Apple's next-gen iDevices might be slathered in one of the hardest substances on Earth

The iPhone 6's screen could be completely scratch-proof. Unless you're in the habit of walking around with diamonds in your pockets that is.

Canonical's CEO Mark Shuttleworth has told Gigaom that Apple has recently snapped up a three-year supply of sapphire screens, which he wanted to use for the Ubuntu Edge. Bad luck.

Apple already uses sapphire to protect the iPhone 6's Touch ID Home button and camera lens, but with an order that big, we could be looking at entire screens made out of the super-hard material, for both the iPhone 6 and iWatch.

This isn't the first time we've heard whispers of fully scratch-proof iScreen. Apple has already created at least 100 iPhone prototypes with full sapphire displays, and it signed a US$578 million contract with GT Advanced Technology last November, in a deal which provides them with the sapphire materials required to manufacture the screens.

Given how we like to carry around our smartphones without bulky cases, this could be very good news indeed