The Android-powered Odin2 is a new-school portable telly

It follows you around the house, streaming all over the walls.

Oh, look. It’s one of those ‘gorilla cinema’ things.

Uh, no. Gorilla cinema would be King Kong, or possibly The Mechanic. What we think you’re thinking of is ‘guerilla cinema’, a mid-2000s fad brought about by the launch of pocket size pico projectors. We don’t really talk about it any more.

Why not?

Because while the idea of holding small-scale smartphone-based movie viewings in public places appealed to our geeky tastes, it never really caught on. And, in a strictly copyright sense, it was illegal. Which is important, really.

Lots of things are illegal. I try not to get too hung up on it.

Okay, let’s move on. This is the Odin2, from New York-based Dos Owls. It’s a hand-sized projector that has a built-in battery, so you could use it outside in a more–or-less guerilla fashion.

But we think you’re more likely to use it at home – the colour touchscreen on the back is your gateway to Android 6.0 with its myriad entertainment apps such as Netflix and iPlayer. You can also use it for video calling, or as a display for your laptop.

Does my TV not serve many of these functions?

This, though, is a portable and scalable experience: a 30in screen at the end of the bath one minute, a 100in image above the bed the next. Dos Owls launched a similar product a few years back, but this one is more clever and more stylish – it knows, as do we, that folk are moving away from the traditional home set-up of one TV/one PVR. There's a whole generation of geeks with nothing but a phone, a Netflix subscription and a willingness to watch content on whatever, wherever. 

Ooh, a trend! Will it be as popular as guerilla cinema, though?

Shaddup-ya face. But, who knows? The Odin2 goes live on Kickstarter today, generally priced at US$525 (around 35,000) but with various deals in the offing for quicksmarts.