Android Milkshake is Android M's real name, according to Google employee's watch face

Google didn't officially name the next OS version, but the answer was hidden in plain sight

Today, at Google's I/O 2015 keynote, we heard all about Android M: the battery-saving abilities, the emergence of Android Pay, and Now on Tap, among other revelations. But one thing we didn't hear is which sweet treat that "M" is a placeholder for.

We didn't hear it, but thanks to the sharp eyes of a Reddit user (via a live photo from The Verge) we've now seen it. David Burke, vice president of engineering at Google, appeared onstage during the event, and a close look at his watch face reveals something quite interesting indeed: a milkshake.

There it is, all zoomed-in, flipped, and blurry. Oh Google, you big tease. We're counting out coincidence, because, come on. However, we can't help but wonder if Google is trying to throw our scent off the real name of Android Marzipan. That'd have a really distinctive sound to it. Anything is possible, we suppose.

Look, Android M is probably going to be called Android Milkshake, and now we (most likely) know that today rather than a couple months from now. Does that really matter? No, probably not. But now we know (maybe).

[Source: Reddit]