Amp up your home audio experience with GM Modular’s streaming kit

Hoping to jazz up your new apartment? You’ve come to the right place

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. But what if we told you they can be more interesting than the boring ‘ol boxes they seem to have become.

So, you’ve decided to finally invest in a new apartment. About time. No nosy landlords or kleptomaniac roomies. But we hope you haven’t forgotten to keep some cash aside to do up your new pad properly. ‘Cos GM Modular has some tasty kit you might just wanna get.


Walls that sing

Something like the I-Dock. This Bluetooth speaker (it’s also got a Lightning port for you iOS fans and there’s an Android-compatible version as well) doesn’t sit on your desk. Nope, it sits flush against the walls. Saves space and looks pretty nice. It also works with Siri, and hang on to your Knightrider hat here, you can operate it with gestures. Neat, we say. If you don’t care about docking your phone (it’s sooooo 2009, isn’t it), just get the Blupod Bluetooth-only wall-mounted speaker system.

Ceilings, too

You could also spring for the G-Connect ceiling-mounted speaker system. Use it to listen to FM (if you don’t mind) or get the Audio Wave Dock to stream music from your phone. And finally, we have to mention the Speecup - a Bluetooth speaker shaped like, you guessed it, one of those coffee cups made for your car. While we couldn’t at first glance fathom why it’s shaped like a cup, there’s actually a point to its design - it’s a no-fuss way of getting Siri and Bluetooth calling if you’ve got an older car (and might come in handy if your car stereo dies and you’re too lazy to get it fixed).