Amp up your Diwali parties with the Sony V44D home audio system

Boombox-on-wheels is easy to lug around anywhere in your house

Loudness. That’s what good party music is all about. That’s why itsy-bitsy portable speakers make as much sense at a party as a vegan visiting a steakhouse on his birthday. No, you need something that’s loud, not too fiddly and easy to cart around


So, if you don’t want to disappoint your guests by playing Slayer through a box barely bigger than your lunchbox, and are terrified of risking your fancy amp-and-tower-speakers combo on the terrace, you need to get a party boombox. Something like the Sony MHC-V44D.


It’s pretty much what the party doctor (our fav kind of doctor) ordered. It’s a compact box and has wheels and a handle (making it so easy to roll out to your verandah or terrace without risking hurting your back).There’a karaoke function with two inputs for out-of-tune drunken duets, a front illumination panel which should keep your rave-loving pals happy, NFC, loads of inputs and an app that lets you control everything - from the lights to the karaoke effects. As for its audio capabilities, there’s DSEE upscaling of compressed files, and since what’s a party without bass, it’s got a Sound Pressure Horn and Sony’s Mega Bass feature.

Like what you see? Hurry up, ‘cos Diwali’s not that far away. Gather up ₹29,990 and head to Sony India’s website