Amazon’s new Kindle could be even thinner, with a rechargeable battery case

How do you make the best ereader even better?

If you’re an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite owner then you probably feel like you’ll never need to fork out for an other ereader again. It’s an excellent choice, after all. 

Amazon wants to change your mind however, and will be revealing its new Kindle next week. But what could it do to tempt you to drop some cash down again?

Well, The Wall Street Journal reports that the upcoming Kindle will be thinner (and therefore, presumably lighter) than ever. But not at the expense of battery life.

That’s because the company is also reportedly releasing a case that has a built-in battery, for topping the new Kindle up while you’re out and about, in addition to protecting it from life’s various mishaps.

A separate solar-powered charging case is also apparently on the cards, though this isn’t expected to be revealed at the launch next week.

If that sounds like it’s worth an upgrade then we’ll see you here next week, after all the official details have been revealed. Stay tuned.