Altec Lansing’s Everything Proof speakers seem insanely rugged

Clumsy klutz, adventure junkie, or nuclear warrior? Even you couldn’t break these!

Water proof is old hat. So’s shock proof. Nope, what you need is a bullet proof, explosion proof speaker. Like something from Altec Lansing’s Everything Proof range. Great, our off-the-grid bug-out bag is finally coming together!

Yup, you read that right. Altec Lansing’s new Everything Proof Bluetooth speaker range takes the concept of ‘rugged gear’ to a new, slightly insane level. No, it’s not just common (and boring) water and shock proofing you get. Nope, you get a lot more…

In fact, to convince us that this was the kind of gear you could safely expect to find working the Monday after Armageddon, Altec Lansing showed us a couple of videos - with the speakers being run over by offroaders, shot at by M16 rifles, and even surviving an encounter with demolition explosives and blindingly hot thermite. So we reckon that these speakers should be okay for pretty much anything you could get up to. And if it’s not, you really should be spending your money on life insurance, not gadgets!

Interestingly, Altec Lansing also says its 1-year warranty will be honoured for any ‘manufacturing defect’, and as extreme survivability is part of its design, you could conceivably file a ‘damaged in a stray nuclear explosion’ claim…  

The Altec Lansing Everything Proof range includes the H2O Mini (₹3600), the Lifejacket 2 Mini (₹8000), and the Lifejacket 2 (₹14,000), and can be found at leading offline retailers or online at Flipkart.