AltBalaji is your next desi Netflix

With Balaji wafers and cheap subscription fee

Netflix, Amazon and now this, I don’t have money.

Didn’t I mention cheap? Balaji Telefilms’ app AltBalaji has a 3 month subscription for 100, ₹180 for 6 months and ₹300 for 12 months.

Whoa, that's hella cheap for me to indulge in. I'd like to know what I am watching.

I thought you didn’t have money. Either way, AltBalaji will give you some free movies and shows to watch before their launch on April 15. And you can look at the library of contents before choosing to subscribe.

This is ridiculously cheap now, I don’t think the contents are impressive.

That’s your choice. Quite literally. You can choose to buy a specific show or movie and completely avoid the whole subscription fee. They are also collaborating with other production houses as well to create original content.

What about Balaji wafers?

Sold separately. But you can download the app now on iOS and Android.

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