This is (almost definitely) the new Motorola Moto X

What, you didn’t think you’d make it through another day without a Motorola leak, did you?

Another day, another new blurry Moto X leak.

This time we’ve got some spy shots of Moto’s 2015 flagship, courtesy of Android Peru’s Facebook page.

The shots match up with previous rumours of a front-facing flash, and textured back panel, and the absence of a circular ring flash and longer metal (or plastic) strip on the back corresponds with previous leaks of the device.

There doesn’t appear to be a rear fingerprint sensor in this most recent shot however, suggesting that past whispers of a biometric security sensor in place of the 'M' dimple, were off the mark.

We expect the Moto X to land with a 5.2in 2K screen, and an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and a larger 3280mAh battery, though we’ll have to wait for its official reveal (alongside the new Moto G) on 28 July for all the final details.

[via Tech Radar]