All you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi 4i

For once, you won’t feel left out since it will be available around the world

We can’t say Xiaomi’s Mi 4i is the best kept secret. But at least it still excites with what it has to offer.

While most of the rumours were spot on, confirming its 5in full HD display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor, there were a few surprises that showed up during the presentation led by Xiaomi’s global vice president, Hugo Barra.

First, the battery. Like most devices in its class, it’s packed with a pretty juiced-up battery, clocking at 3120mAh in capacity. And really, if it’s called the Mi 4i, you would expect it to sport the same design as the Mi 4, including a thin 7.8mm profile.

It's just like the Mi 4

But while we heard about the 5in display, its Sunlight Display feature is a bit of a surprise. The name, which alludes to how the display and front camera works under sunlight, automatically readjusts the high, mid and low tones of the display.

This is mainly done by lowering the harsher pixels on the higher tones, keeping the mid-tone pixels consistent and enhancing the lower-tone pixels. In short, you’ll see a more accurate depiction of what you’re capturing before you press the shutter button.

And about that Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor - it’s what most of us have heard. But what you might not have seen is the benchmark scores. At over 40,000, this is a pretty high score for a mid-range device, but we’ll reserve our judgement till we’ve actually tried the device. After all, numbers don’t tell the full story until you’ve experienced it first-hand.

The camera is the same old story - a 13MP camera paired with a two-tone flash to create more natural tones in human subjects. Yes, the inevitable comparison to Apple will be there. But at least you’ll get to use the Beautify mode, which would be absolutely essential when you’re updating your Tinder profile picture.

Like the Mi 4, its i variant will be equipped with Xiaomi’s latest customised user interface, MIUI 6.0 on Android Lollipop. More importantly, this will be the first time Xiaomi is launching MIUI 6.0 on a smartphone outside of China.

And we'll get it... when?

Pre-orders have started already with shipping set to begin from 30 April in India. How much? A very competitive 12,999.

But be sure of it - this is the first Xiaomi phone that will be placed in your hand almost immediately. No more looks of envy.