Alcatel OneTouch launches a new smartwatch

Round dial smartwatch that works with both Android and iOS

Tempted to buy a smartwatch but put off by unconventional designs and high prices? The Alcatel OneTouch Watch might just be what you’ve been waiting for

Smartwatches are the new ‘in’ thing. You gotta admit it though, they’re either too expensive or have some futuristic design that might go well with the next Star Trek series, but are a bit too flashy for anyone who likes their watches subtle.

But there’s now a new kid in town, and they reckon their new smartwatch will take care of your reservations - the Alcatel OneTouch Watch. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS, subtle looks thanks to the simple, round dial, and packs in plenty of sensors - heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter and e-compass. Sadly, it’s not based on Android Wear but uses its own custom OS - though there’s an app that allows for alarms and notification mirroring.

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch is available exclusively on Flipkart for a list price of 7990.