Alcatel OneTouch Go phone and smartwatch are ready for fun, primed for abuse

Waterproof, shockproof, ready for anything

Most phones are delicate little flowers that may well smash should you drop them after a ‘tiring’ night on the tiles, but not so with the Alcatel OneTouch Go Play phone and Go Watch.

This new ultra-accessible and colourful Go family from Alcatel OneTouch is all about getting you a gadget you don’t need to be remotely nice to.

First up, the Alcatel OneTouch Play phone. Its specs are Moto G-a-likes, with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 5in 720p screen and 2500Ah battery. But that’s not the main event. Alcatel OneTouch promises the Play is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and shockproof too. It’s virtually begging to be dropped.

This isn’t just for those unfortunate types who keep on smashing their phones after a night at the pub. It’s also on the money for festival fans and those annoying people who seem to be able to jet off on holiday every fortnight. The Alcatel OneTouch Go Play comes in a whole bunch of different colours to suit whatever personality you discovered on ‘finding yourself’ in Peru.

The Alcatel OneTouch Go phone has a brother too, the Go Watch. It gets you the same water, dust and shock proofing as the phone, and will spit out any notifications you receive. This isn’t an Android Wear device, though. It seems to use similar software to the first Alcatel OneTouch watch. It’s basic, but does get you 2-5 day battery life in return.

Oh, and it also has a heart rate sensor and a magic ‘Go’ button on the front. Press this and the watch assesses your emotional state, letting you see just how elated you are at finding yourself on that Peruvian mountaintop. We’ll take 10.

We don’t have any price details for the Alcatel OneTouch Go Play and Watch, but judging by the specs and the company’s usual competitive prices, they probably won’t cost the Earth.