Alcatel makes official communication smarter with four new models of desk phones

Evolution of desk phones

Smart isn’t just for mobiles any more.

Bluetooth, headsets, USB chargers, touch screen, fingerprint readers – even desk phones are acting smarter than they ever did. Alcatel’s ‘s’ series of desk phones is a step-up from the previous generation, with all the features to make it a perfect fit for the smart office. While you were busy planning to build a prototype of the new-age Titanic, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise used the same time to make your intercom systems smarter and more efficient. That’s some leverage from your office phones.

The four models – 8028s, 8058s, 8068s and 8078s Premium Desk Phones will most likely simplify inter-office communication and keep all employees empowered with the latest in technology. It will cost ₹20,000 or so upwards for you to sit back on the desk and let the latest technology simplify your life, while you sip on that morning cuppa. However, while you’re busy getting comfortable in your chair, don’t forget to follow the chain of command. When it comes to efficiency, make sure you outperform the telephones in the smart department.