Aiwa's not dead – it's back with a retro Bluetooth boombox

Time to go back to the halcyon days of hulking portable stereos?

Remember Aiwa? That Japanese brand that was known for making really good, affordable radios and ended up being bought up by Sony?

Well, after disappearing into the ether for a bit, the brand's made a comeback and is now based in Chicago. First on the lineup is a throwback in the form of a sweet-looking Bluetooth speaker that harks back to the days of the boombox.


A big speaker for a big legacy

"The most important feature of a speaker isn't wattage or frequency range - it’s how you feel when you listen to it," trumpets Aiwa about the Exos-9. Still, with its own remote, a 10-hour battery pack and 100 watts of power, it isn't exactly underspecced.

What else is there? The 6.5-inch woofer promises decent base and has its midrange covered by two 3-inch drivers and two inch-sized tweeters. You can also fiddle with the 5-bankd EQ or rely on the four available presets.

Of course there's NFC here as a nice pairup with Bluetooth and for that old school vibe, an auxiliary input. While you can use the Exos-9 by itself, you can add another two Exos-9 speakers for extra stereo sound.

This sounds like your audio dreams come true? Then head on over to the Aiwa site to preorder it for US$299.99 (19,000).

[Source: Digitaltrends]