AIAIAI's modular approach lets you build your perfect set of headphones

The TMA-2’s Modular system offers up to 360 different headphone combinations

Danish audio manufacturer AIAIAI has launched the TMA-2 Modular headphones, which allow you to pick and choose different components from 18 different modules.

On offer are three headbands, two ear pads, six cables and four speaker units, which makes an impressive 360 possible combinations. 

AIAIAI says it’ll be more cost effective in the long-term, as should one of the components break, it can be easily replaced. It follows a similar design to Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone. 

Each headphone component has a different price, fit, style and even sound character. But don’t worry, you don’t have to become a headphone designer overnight: AIAIAI has an online configurator that will tell you how it thinks the headphones will sound. 

But if you’d rather skip the building part and go straight to buying a pair, AIAIAI has created four models, ranging from €145 to €260 (₹14,000-₹25,000). 

Or better still, AIAIAI has recruited some musicians to create their own pairs too, which are also available to buy, artists include Bonobo, Lone and RL Grime. 

If you fancy your hand at creating your own pair, head over to AIAIAI’s website. 

[Source: What Hi-Fi?]