Agrex introduces thermal AI-based human temperature monitoring system to battle against COVID-19

Non-intrusive thermal scanning from as far as 20 metres

As a step towards contributing to effectively control the COVID-19 pandemic, Agrex has developed a thermal sensor-based automatic fever detection system which has the capability to scan a large number of people from distances of up to 20m.

The scanning happens in real time where a person doesn’t even need to stop. The AI and thermal scanning are precise and fast, and it does not compromise on the accuracy of the temperature measurement. This dramatically increases the usability of such system at highly crowded places like airports, railway stations, metros, supermarkets, hospitals, exam centres, voting centres and other places.

The kit is a ready-to-use plug-n-play system and can be set up in under 10 minutes and is beneficial for those who require quick installation and setup. The scanning can process up to 100 people per minute, and during the scanning, if anyone with elevated body temperature is found in the scene, an audio–visual alert is sounded off. A manual verification can be done through a thermal meter and further action can be taken post the alert.

Agrex claims that this process is far faster than anything currently in use, including industrial grade systems at airports. For more information, check out the website to know how you can deploy their systems and benefit ahead.