The age of smart water purifiers has arrived

Livpure Smartouch is the RO water purifier you deserve

The Earth is constantly rotating on its axis while on its salubrious journey about the Sun. As the world itself changes, constantly bringing in the new age, it sure and steadily is donning a new avatar: that of being one with IoT.

That’s Internet of Things, by the way. Something you really must know by now. And as it changes, so does every mundane and not-so-mundane thing about our lives - by becoming a part of this growing digital ecosystem known as the Internet of Things. Makes sense then that even the humble RO water purifier - the older cousin of the air purifier - has now gone IoT-friendly.

Water purification with ‘app’ealing features

With air purifiers already going ‘smart’, the Smartouch from Livpure is one of the first RO water purifiers that has an app to sync with. Available on for 20,790, the Livpure Smartouch gets the basics right with an eight-stage purification system and boasts of a storage capacity of 8.5 litres.

But sync it with the proprietary Android app and you can monitor everything from water purity and the life of the filter to alerts and scheduled visits by the service engineer. This is a first of its kind, but definitely not the last. Chalk one up for IoT, again.