Adidas miCoach Fit Smart band gets full activity tracking talents

Now you can hit your daily fitness goals thanks to a free Train & Run app update

Adidas’ miCoach Fit Smart band has been available for some time, but until now it’s really been a coaching device and heart-rate monitor rather than a full-on activity tracker.

Thanks to an update launched today, it’s transformed into a lot more than that. It now features full-on activity tracking capabilities, which Adidas says turns it into a “complete fitness and lifestyle tool” (we all have a few Facebook friends who we’d describe as such, eh?! Eh!?!).

The new skills come courtesy of an update to Adidas’ Train & Run app, which is available now for Android and iOS devices, and will be coming later this year to Windows 10 handsets. The app now collects data from the Fit Smart band, so you’ll know how well you’re doing in hitting your daily step, distance and calorie-burning targets. You’ll also be able to select fairly loose weekly goals, or set a proper focussed, disciplined weekly training schedule if you think more structure is required. Of course, the real-time coaching and heart-rate monitoring will remain.

You can order the miCoach Fit Smart band from Adidas’ site here, priced at ₹24,999.