8 things you need to know about Flock's messaging platform

A swiss knife for modern day communication

Wait, before we dive into this, don't compare this to Slack, Microsoft teams or any other cross exchange platform for businesses. This is more than that the brand assures us, but similar to Slack in its purpose. The world is used to emails, end to end chats, Google cloud and drive integration and the usual way of communication. But what if we told you, that the norm is changing and all these things can come to you instead of you going to them?

We are used to switching from various platform for different things, like WhatsApp for communication, Facebook for business and news, Instagram for pictures and videos, Twitter for trends and mentions, news for news, and so on. But over here, it all flocks towards you, instead of the other way around. Here are eight things you need to know about Flock:

1) It’s a chat platform for business communication

Flock is a real time B-to-B chat operating platform, where businesses and organisations of any number, can get together and discuss, solve and inform day-to day workflows. Whether it's you and your team, you and your client or you and the whole organisation.  

2) It’s great for productivity

In a channel (Group) you can add people, and discuss various work issues, use 3rd party tools and apps created by Flock and other developers to help ease work and increase productivity. Tools like to-do list, polls, notes, reminders, favourites app and Google drive integration and many more.

3) It’s a one stop shop

Flock breaks the norm, by bringing everyone in the organisation in one place, with easier communications and inbuilt notifications. Users can receive and respond to notifications from other apps within Flock itself. This is unlike most other team messengers that allow users to only receive app notifications, and not respond to them.

4) It’s great for devs - FlockOS

Flock is great for every kind of team but, greater for an app and software developer too. FlockOS, a great platform for developers to build apps, bots and integrations. Currently, 'FlockOS' offers Java, node.js and Python SDKs for developers to build apps. A few apps available on Flock right now are IFTTT, Twitter, Zapio, Docs, Sheets, GitHub, JIRA, MailChimp, Trello, Hangouts and others.

5) It supports audio and video calls

Flocks is like a swiss-knife for communication, embedding audio and video calls in the platform itself. You can also share your screen with your boss, if you’re travelling or unavailable to troubleshoot your problem.

6) Others like Flock

We at Stuff India use Google Hangouts, while others use Slack, and Microsoft teams, Skype or HipChat. Flock is a platform which can offer an all-in-one tab itself. Whether it's taking leave, reimbursement for travel, issues with the workflow, coordination with others and making work faster, while others are still switching tabs or logging in.

7) Plans and pricing

Flock is free for use, but you’re free to upgrade to their Pro Plan (₹200/month) if you want access to unlimited chat history (chat history is available for a limited time in the free version too) and to enjoy other features. They’ve also got a customizable plan based on your requirement.

8) Culture Shock

Flock is currently being used by 25,000 companies around the globe, and people say it increases productivity, decreases emails, reduces meetings and increases knowledge sharing.

It’s going to take a while for most of us to switch and re-learn using a platform like this. But you know what they say ‘change is always for the better’.

Flock is available on Windows, OSX, iOS and Android.