This 65kmph US$25,000 electric bike will smash your wallet (and possibly your bones)

But who can put a price on saving the planet?

You've got an extra zero in your headline mate.

Nope. That right there, is the genuine price of the Trefecta DRT. A bit pricey for you, is it?

You know damn well it is. Why so much? Is it made from adamantium?

This is no ordinary pedal-powered two-wheeler. It's an electric bike forged from a military-spec 20in aluminium frame, that can fold away and take you 97km on a single charge.

That doesn't sound like $25,000 worth of bike to me. The JIVR can go 33km and costs just 1,12,000

True. But the JIVR looks like something Alfred would use to pick up some milk. The sleek, vicous angles of the Trefecta DRT on the other hand, would be more at home carting Batman around the streets of Gotham. 

The DRT also goes one further, with detachable carbon fibre wheels that can support the heft of a 160kg payload - perfect for armed vigilantes - and it's good for off-road use too, with regenerative braking to help improve its maximum range. 

It's got to have more tech to justify that price though surely?

Ask and ye shall receive. The Trefecta DRT has a freaking computer built into its handlebars, allowing you to adjust suspension settings, gear selection and various trip functions. How's that for tech?

It's also got a waterproof phone dock, so you can use a sat-nav on a rainy ride through the country, if you like.

It packs in a 4kW motor, which will power you along to a top speed of 70kmph, or a cruising speed of 55kmph. And, get this, it has pedals too! So if you run out of juice, you can keep going. Revolutionary.

Ok - say I want to buy a 70kmph electric bike instead of a BMW 3 series. What do I have to do?

Step one: Get US$25,000. Step 2: point your browser to Trefecta's website, where you can pre-order one now. You won't regret it*. 



*You might regret it. Stuff won't be held responsible for any angry bank managers and/or spouses.