With 60 shows scheduled per day, Megaplex at Mumbai’s Inox is an ultimate movie-goer’s Mecca

Destination Inorbit, Malad

For the past year or so, the Inox guys have been busy launching one new screen after the other, technological innovations in the big screen format that we hadn't experienced before, and much more. But during every visit to the Inox property at Mumbai’s Inorbit Mall in Malad, some screen or the other was always under wraps because of the work going on. But now, finally all screens are installed, all formats set for making your movie-viewing and movie-going experience one you’d not want to take lightly. With 11 screens to boast of, 6 experiential cinema formats (Insignia, MX4D, Screen X, IMAX, Kiddles and Samsung ONYX LED), Inox has become a force to reckon with. ‘Megaplex’, as it’s called, wants you to ‘live movies’, and rightly so. With even the culinary experience above par, and ticket pricing to accommodate your average Joe, more power to you, Inox!