5 things you need to know about Tata Sky’s Star Sport Select Experience

Your sports viewing experience is in your control, really!

That red button on your Tata Sky remote is now more important than a traffic light signal.

Gaming night with pals just got much more interesting. Following top EPL teams was never an issue here but once in a few months you’ll notice your beloved team’s match isn't playing on any of your Select HD channels *cough* Chelsea *cough*.


That disappointment quickly turns to hate for your cable operator. Well, Tata Sky took all that hate and sprout forth an interesting add-on service for all sport loving fans. This new add-on service solves all practical problems of the viewer (you) and adds a new layer to your TV viewing experience as well.


It’s a warm hug for all those last minute goals that made you cry. Here are the top five things you need to know about Star Sports Select Experience.

1) It’s free

Already paying for your Select HD channels right? This new add-on is free for all the people who have the Star Sports Select 1, Star Sports Select 1 HD, Star Sports 1 (SD and HD) and Star Sports 1 Hindi (SD and HD).


Simply press the red button and you’ll be presented with options to suit your need.

2) It's got additional live matches

Those important match day fixtures will be at your fingertips.


If the match you wish to watch is not playing on any of the Star Sports channels, you can press the red button and have access to matches that ain’t being broadcasted on any other channel.


3) You can switch between multiple camera angles

Best part about this service is the choice to switch between camera angles during the live telecast of a match.


Now you get to choose which camera angle you wish to watch the match on. Multi view and stadium view are the two mentioned. There might be more to come.

4) Witness match highlights

You don’t need to go to questionable websites or rely on Instagram stories from your club’s page for highlights anymore. No need for Rahul to send regular goal highlight updates on the WhatsApp group either.


Tata Sky will gladly replace all of them and YouTube to offer match highlights in case you wish to see that stunning goal from Antonio Valencia from last week.

5) More sports will get this service

Premier League matches ain’t the only ones to get this treatment. Tata Sky kicked off this feature with Wimbledon 2017 and all Tata Sky subscribers were given the option of watching Wimbledon highlights and an Inside Wimbledon experience with expert analysis and player interviews.


It will be made available for cricket matches as well. So that every sports fan has more than 5 reasons to keep renewing that Tata Sky package.