5 reasons to get the Amazon Fire TV stick

What, voice control isn’t enough?

Rejoice, couch potatoes, you can now watch Amazon Prime Video (and a lot more) on your TV.

You really shouldn’t need any convincing about why you need a Fire TV stick, but if you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons to jump off and click ‘Buy Now’.

1. It’s fast

Even if you have a smart TV, chances are you’re sick of the slow, buggy interface that seems to be designed by someone who’s never seen a person interact with a TV. Refreshingly, Amazon’s managed to make the UI not just simple and intuitive, but also fast - it’s quite snappy.

2. You can talk to it

We’re lazy. And we’re proud of it. But while we’re still loath to use voice commands in public (it does make you look like a bit of a prat), we’re quite looking forward to starting the next episode of Man in the High Castle by just yelling out. Even better, Amazon’s tweaked its voice recognition to support Hindi - so you can even search for Bollywood flicks without worrying about the voice recognition turning the name of your fav movie into something that’s rarely said in polite company.


3. There’s a proper remote

Touchscreens might be in vogue everywhere, but they can be annoying - you’ll know what we’re talking about if you’ve tried to control a touchscreen remote app. And who wants to get popcorn butter on their phone? That’s why we’re glad the Fire TV stick has a proper remote with old-fashioned buttons that won’t require you to unlock your phone - this certainly elevates the Fire TV stick from being a mere streaming dongle to a proper media player.


4. It’ll make your old dumb TV a smart one

Stuck with an old TV that’s as smart as a harebrained mosquito? No worries. Just plug the Fire TV stick into an HDMI port and you get a proper Smart TV interface. Yeah, it’s more than just a streaming dongle as well - you get loads of native streaming apps (Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Eros Now, Spuul, Voot, Sony Liv…), as well as games. In case you’re grumbling about not finding your fav app in the list, fear not as there’s support for screen mirroring as well.


5. You get free data (and a lot more)

We love free stuff. We’d have to be insane not to. Which is why we approve of all the free goodies you get with the Fire TV stick. Pony up ₹3999 to Amazon and you get ₹499 Amazon Pay credit, as well as free data (100GB over 3 months on Airtel Broadband, 240GB on Now Broadband) and free streaming subscriptions (3 months of Eros Now Premium and 6 months of add-free Gaana). And don’t worry about the free data - the Fire TV stick lets you assign your own data caps. Phew!