25 best robot movies ever

Stepford Wives (1975)

Katherine Ross plays a woman moving into a town inhabited by perfect wives. As is all too often the case, they turn out to be robots. You know what we mean, right? No, in this case they were literally robots. Homicidal ones – the best kind.

I, Robot (2004)

The year is 2035 and Will Smith is still advertising a certain trainer really obviously. Other than that, his cop character is busy hating robots and investigating a murder that he thinks was committed by a robot. Almost noir-style story drizzled with futuristic robot action – an impressive combination a la Blade Runner.

Runaway (1984)

A specialist robot investigative cop uncovers a plot to create killer robots. The cop is Tom Selleck. The man he's chasing is Gene Simmons from KISS. What's not to like?

Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Commander Adama leads the good ship Galactica across space in an attempt to find a habitable world, while being chased by an evil robot race called Cylons who have destroyed the refugees’ homeworld. Starbuck’s fancy flying techniques keep them at bay while keeping us entertained.

The Iron Giant (1999)

Like BFG but with a giant friendly robot instead. The advantage of having a robot is, of course, lots more rocket-fuelled action and no scary eyebrows.