20,000 leagues beneath the sea, and back!

Well, not really, but the limited-edition Breitling Superocean Chronograph M2000’s water resistance of up to 2000 metres is impressive enough.

Over the clouds or beneath sea, Breitling loves the extremities!

Popular amongst chronograph-watch lovers who love fessing over the technology that goes into their timepieces, Breitling’s penchant for designing watches that cavort with the elements is well known. While most timepieces wouldn’t want to brave a normal cardio workout, or what is better known as the “commute to work”, Breitling watches are known to go beyond the call of braving the extremities. From deep sea divers to aviators, to even astronauts (Astronaut Scott Carpenter wore a Breitling Cosmonaute inside the Aurora 7 spacecraft on May 24, 1962), the company is known for designing, engineering, manufacturing and the distributribution of high-precision chronometer watches.


The latest watch from the Breitling stable is one that’ll definitely have Capt. Nemo smiling for sure - The  Superocean Chronograph M2000 (Blacksteel). While we wouldn’t push it to 20,000 leagues under the sea, the M2000 is water-resistant and completely functional even at depths of 2000 metres (6600 feet). It features a patented magnetic pushpiece system. This unique signature-Breitling thingamajig allows you handle the chronograph controls via the metal of the case. This is the reason why it works like a charm underwater. The Superocean Chronograph M2000 is already available in a polished steel version. This series, the Blacksteel, is an exclusive one as only 250 pieces will be made. It sports a satin-brushed steel case that is black in colour, achieved via a high-resistance carbon-based treatment. The sturdy case that houses the display is equipped with a built-in decompression valve that vents helium. The watch glass is a 4mm thick glare-proof sapphire.

So, if ever there’s a chance you think you might be visiting the depths (no, swimming pools do not count. Not even the really deep ones), you might want to consider this as part of your ensemble. Quick, there are just 250 pieces of these Breitling beauties to go around. Head here for more details and to find out other options to boldly go where most chronographs won’t.