100 greatest gadgets, Amazon Echo, GoPro Hero, Audi RS6 and more tested in November's Stuff India– out now!

And it’s available with your local newsagent or on your tablet right this very second…

There’s just too much choice in life, whether we’re talking ice cream flavours or TV channels. But in terms of gadgets releasing in 2018, we thought we’d do you a favour and pick out the absolute best buys of the year.

From the best kitchen gadgetry to tech toys that will appease your inner child, there’s something here for everyone. Birthday gift hunts will never be difficult again with this handy guide. Although you’ll likely be tempted to buy everything for yourself – we know we were.



Concerned about your bank account’s health already? Worry not – we’ve tested quite a few budget phones as well that you can buy. Seriously, if the most expensive phone here (iPhone XR) is still out of budget, the cheapest one costs a measly 15,999. Although, once you check out our Google Pixel 3XL review, you might just be willing to splash out that little bit more.

It’s not just phones we’ve been testing down in the labs, either. We’ve put our pilot skills to the test on the cockpits of of the Audi R6 and Lamborghini Urus, treated our ears to the LG SK 10Y soundbar and killed what could have been productive office hours playing Forza with the Logitech G29 wheel. Hey haters, that’s just few of the perks of our job!

So three years down the line, Apple has delivered a true redesign for Series 4 watch. It’s thinner and boasts a bigger screen — yay! But it's more expensive and still only has a one-day battery life — yay. Here’s a shout out to the adventure junkies launching themselves out of a circus cannon with a GoPro mounted on their head/chest/leg. You can expect footage that will come out super-smooth with the new GoPro Hero7 Black.

That’s not to mention the usual Hot Stuff, competitions and our famous Top Tens, which now come filled with more useful tips and tricks than ever before.

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