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The smartphone that's sat in your hand right now?

You don't know the half of what it's capable of. From planning your next summer holiday to growing your attention span and transforming you into a culinary pro, there's an app for everything nowadays. Luckily enough, we've rounded up a tonne of the best of them in this month's issue of Stuff India.

Yep, the cover feature of the March issue is our guide to the 100 best apps in the world right now, and they're not just for your phone either. This epic list spans cars, laptops and even headphones too.

That’s not all we’ve crammed into the brand new issue though. There’s tests of the best 4K TVs, GoPro Fusion, our pick of the best grooming essentials for men, tips for getting the best from your new Fitbit and loads more

The Instant Upgrades features the Apple Watch Series 3 this month. It’s our guide on how to maximise your wrist’s potential to your advantage. The smartwatch has evolved from an iPhone accessory to a fully functional device and is now in its best avatar till Apple folks outdo themselves sitting in that little haven they call an office.

As usual, we never ignore our gamer audience – the Xbox One X makes 4K gaming even more addictive than it already is, and we bring you the essentials to unleash its extra raw processing powers and 4K features you can soak your eyes in.Don’t forget, loads of this stuff can only be found by buying a copy of the mag. How to get your hands on this techi-licious treat?  It can be picked up from both physical and digital newsstands. Better still, why not subscribe and get the mag delivered straight to your door? Just click here to save yourself a trip to the shops. Instead, walk to the baker and pick up a few cookies to keep you busy while you wait for delivery.