Steep prices and gaming laptops are so closely related that some might say gaming can cost you a few body parts but then, MSI GE73 will give you more for your kidney.

The mantra for MSI has always been to be as flamboyant as possible with RGB, and this time the lid gets the much-needed treatment too. With spanking new innards and more extras than you need, the MSI GE73 is shaping up to be a great successor to the previous generation gaming laptops. And oh, by the way, the price has dropped too!

We got some hands-on time with it before its 19th April launch, here’s what we think.

Build and design: Disco gamer

Although in practice the design hasn’t changed much, the GE73 does more than disco. On the lid where the red lines sat? MSI has given it a much needed RGB walloping. Why? Because why not! Even the USB ports light up like the CST station.

The Steelseries chiclet keyboard boasts of per-key RGB, which means you can customise each and every key to your desired colour. MSI has even added something called 'Mystic Lighting' that syncs the RGB disco on the laptop with your games and others playing the same game on MSI laptops. It can show the health and shield on the keyboard through lighting. Take damage and the number of keys lit in the row will reduce to the percentage of the in-game health. Even the lid lighting reacts the same way, going off completely when you die in a round of CS:GO.

The overall body quality feels sturdy and strong. Though the 4.5kgs weight is still something to be debated over, just remember this is a 17-incher we’re talking about here. MSI’s approach hasn’t changed much with the GE73 and with Max-Q GPUs trickling over the market, but we’d hope it to was a little lighter if not the lightest.


Display and audio: TN does well

Staring at the 17.3in Full HD anti-glare display can easily fool you into thinking it is an IPS panel before you go around pushing the lid beyond a questionable degree. Even so, at 178° the colours don’t lose their edge. It’s an impressive display with 100% Adobe RGB colour gamut so watching One Strange Rock on Hotstar will be a fun experience.

More so, the ‘Giant Speakers’ are pretty good and get really, really loud. It has great detail and decent oomph in the bass as well.

The GE63 has a smaller 15.6 Full HD screen. No G-Sync to steal more money from you but both the models have a 120Hz screen with a 3ms response time.

Performance: Plus Ultra

Packing an Intel 8th Gen i7 8750H processor and GTX 1070 8GB with 16GB of RAM, it’s an absolute powerhouse.

We played a few rounds of PUBG and slapped in a quick benchmark to see what the machine can handle. Shadow of War ran like a breeze, reaching a constant frame of 83fps on ultra settings. The thick body composition is basically housing some really loud fans that kick in while gaming. That’s also when I clearly missed my headphones, and the speakers suffered due to the added whir of the fans. That said, the laptop stays relatively cool, at least for the time we got to play around with it.

The Dragon Center has also been changed to be more easy for overclocking and throttling the machine into beast mode before gaming. There is also a mobile app that syncs with it.

Initial verdict

The design hasn’t changed much over the years aside from additional RGB sugarcoating, but I feel that it could have been less heavier. Despite this, the GE73 is still a gaming darling.

There’s literally no compromises for the price. It has got the latest specs with additional RGB love and a redesigned Dragon Center all feel very inviting. It especially carries this forward to the keyboard area which just feels very good to type on and play around with.

The smaller GE63 starts at ₹1,64,990 and the general price of both the variants are lesser than their predecessors. If you’re as excited about this as we are, wait for our full review that’ll be coming soon.