Strange things have happened in 2019 and Milestone has given us something stranger - Neural AI and future upgrades in a MotoGP game. What is happening?

An Italian made Italian hearts melt riding an Italian bike all while the Spaniard made us laugh our sprockets out. But these crashes are nothing compared to what the game has in store for you. The latest MotoGP game promises to feel new. But does it really?


Choose your battles

As usual you are forced to start as a rookie - is what we would say, but this time MotoGP lets you choose between the cups. You can still start as a rookie if you wish, but for those experienced riders, the “Pro Career” mode will be an absolute treat. This mode restricts the rider aids and also a few settings, so you really need to know what you’re doing. The game allows for a lot of tweaking in the difficulty settings of the races, but it does pay off to start small and gradually move on to the bigger cups. This way you gain a lot of experience which give you a slight edge later in the game.

Follow the line!

This isn’t one of those games that will feel ‘at home’ to those inexperienced in the world of MotoGP. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a treat for the new riders out there. A few classic modes have been carried forward from the previous MotoGP games, almost 50 riders from the history of MotoGP have been added and it is a thrill to replicate some of these moments especially now with the new physics, which give you a more realistic feel of the track and your machine. You can tune your ride with utmost detail, which you will love if you are into it or will just go through with a sigh if you’re really not into extreme tweaking. Although the tuning and choices you make do show changes on the track and on your performance.

Don’t you get tired on me

Managing your tyres is extremely vital and can cost you the race if not done right. The tyre system now takes into consideration the temperature at the track, of the tyre itself and the actual physical wear that would occur. Grip levels depend on how well you manage your tyres and your knowledge of the track and how to handle it. Tyre temperature is displayed to help you judge better, and ignoring it means losing grip and you’re that much sloppier around corners as well because of it, so you lose some time there. 

Stuff says... 

MotoGP 19 review

If you like motorcycle racing simulators, it doesn’t get better than MotoGP 19. 
Good Stuff 
Neural AI
Freedom to choose cups
Polished graphics and physics
Bad Stuff 
Online lobbies are okay