The Russo brothers, the directors of this new Avengers film, know what Marvel’s USP is — cool choreographed fight scenes — like we saw in Captain America :Civil War.

So we are assuming that over a round of drinks, Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers decided how they would tackle Infinity War (to break it down for non-Marvel fans, it's basically a Baahubali-scale CGI production). They decided to pack the movie with outrageously good action scenes, intersperse them with a winning combo of witty banter and glimpses of love stories to make the box-office ringing recipe. What the movie lacks in coolness of the recently released Black Panther or the wit of Thor: Ragnarok, it makes up for in grandeur.

Worth a decade in the making

If you are crossing your fingers and hoping your favourite Avenger doesn’t die in this film, you might be a bit disappointed, and if you are wishing that your favourite hero has the best most detailed story arc, you might sigh in distress at the end of the film (unless you are a Thor fan, then you get like 10 minutes of jaw dropping coolness when he is bestowed with his new weapon — the Stormbreaker, courtesy a short but memorable appearance by GOT favourite Peter Dinklage).

This film seems to be an out and out a film for Josh Brolin. Thanos might be clad in layers of CGI armour, but Brolin breathes life into the mad titan.The big-screen Thanos still aspires to kill off half the universe, but as opposed to his comic book counterpart, he doesn’t do this to woo the Goddess of death. Thanos’s reasons for mass genocide are pretty simple — he wants to restore the balance of the universe. He thinks it is overpopulated, and wiping out half the population will mean bringing back love and peace. We see Thanos grieve, love and kill — while all the Avengers are relegated into the background.

CGI fanfare

But if you are thinking this film, like its predecessor, Black Panther, holds any political allegory — because of Thanos citing overpopulation as his reasons for genocide, you are wrong. There’s too much going on. The soul focus is only and only on the fight scenes, which means there is a lot of CGI. There are a few story arc primers which may emerge from this movie, but that’s it. This film is one scene after the another of action goodness. If you are someone, like me, who was expecting a hilarious scene to ensue when maybe Doctor Strange meets Iron Man, and c'mon, we are talking about Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr together, then you’ll be disappointed. There’s not much chemistry between the characters, no hilarious disasters that take place when the Black Panther meets Captain America or Thor. The film is slightly disappointing in that aspect. The whole of MCU has been building towards this moment ever since the first Marvel movie came out in 2008. As for the much-awaited end credit sequence: Since this review is spoiler-free, there’s not much that we can say about it, but there’s just one, not two scenes at the end of the movie. Also. the rumours of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel showing up in the movie are (kind of) true.


So is the film worth making the excavation to the movie theatre for? Definitely, if you are a Marvel fan, or are accompanying a Marvel fan (to watch the glee on their faces) or if you want to marvel at the CGI-fight scenes. But that’s it. This isn’t a movie for people who are not familiar with the franchise. It’s a fantastic cinematographical marvel, a homage to superhero Marvel movies of the past decade. The film is what fans like me call the end of three phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it is, in a way an amalgamation of all the fight scenes in the previous decade of Marvel Movies.

The action does keep you at the edge of your seat. The film’s ending, is surely a major talking point. It ends with the metamorphical words ‘to be continued’ hanging in the air. But Thanos wins. Who lives and who dies? That’s for you to find out when when you see it. But it’s hard to worry about who dies and who lives when there is a possibility of resurrections (like Superman in rival DC’s Justice League) and sequels.

Stuff says... 

Infinity War Movie review

150 minutes of CGI-goodness is a must watch for die-hard fans.
Good Stuff 
Thanos makes a great villain
Supercool CGI
Bad Stuff 
No soundtrack (like Black Panther and Guardians)
The Avengers don't get enough screen time