The lockdown has certainly helped us push more time into gaming. So it’s necessary that you get all the gear and accessories ready for your next online skirmish. And the Logitech G502 Lightspeed couldn’t have dropped at a better time.

Yes, it has arrived a year late for us in India, but the Lightspeed does bring the beloved G502’s design and functionality while expertly ditching the cable. So how good is this ₹14,990 wireless gaming mouse? Is it worth that asking price? Does it have it all for pro gamers to shift to a wireless world?

Design and build

A rule of thumb in the FPS community is that weight shouldn’t exceed above 90 grams, and if you look at the G502 Lightspeed, everything about it is enticing for FPS gamers except its weight.

At 114g, Lightspeed is 7g lighter than the G502 wired version but the design hasn’t changed one bit. So how did they fit in a long lasting battery and make the G502 a wireless perfection whilst shedding weight? Smart engineering. Honestly, the Lightspeed retains everything good about the design and build quality. Right from its 11 programmable buttons to hyperscroll and the fantastic palm grip.

When we asked Logitech about the weight loss secret, they said that the G502 Lightspeed sports a thin wall design and has a more reliable exoskeleton. That’s not to say it’s weak by any measure, but if you drop your mouse frequently, be warned. It can take a few nicks to the laptop/keyboard while gaming furiously, but executing a drop test on a ₹14,995 mouse requires a heart made from stone. Sorry reader.


The mouse has a really comfortable grip. In fact, it's best suited for my grip. I like a mouse with palm grip so if you’re also looking for one too, the Lightspeed is definitely a worthy option. The rubberised finish near the thumb area and matte finish across the body is absolutely stellar. You’re invited to hold the mouse and not just use it.

The HERO 16K sensor is battery efficient and doesn't hinder your gaming or working performance one bit. It doesn’t use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Instead, you get Logitech’s proprietary Lightspeed Wireless tech executing a remarkable connection. You get a dongle bundled in for said wireless connection and it gives you 1ms report rate according to Logitech. In our use, we couldn’t tell the difference between a wired and a wireless connection on the G502 Lightspeed. The connection is flawless and we think even pro gamers might agree with us here.

In the settings department, you can crank up the DPI all the way up to a ridiculous 16,000 or hit as low as 100. Logitech says there’s zero smoothing, acceleration and filtering, so if you miss a headshot, it's your fault.

It even intelligently shuts off when not in use and if you turn off the RGB logo, you can squeeze more battery life from a single charge. Logitech promises 48hrs with default lighting and 60hrs without. So expect it to be somewhere around those numbers. We also pulled through 3-4 hours of gaming everyday for up to two weeks with the RGB light turned on (the mouse was not in use for daily work). 


Our personal favourite is the Hyperscroll wheel. This time it comes with a rubberised finish and hollowed insides (weight loss alert). For the IT wizards, scrolling through lines of codes or lengthy articles is as easy as pie. You can even Marco it for Bhopping. Depending on your use, the Hyperscroll can either be extremely useful or just a fun fidget spinner. Heck, pushing the wheel sideways offers two clickable buttons as well.

Aside from RGB and Macro customisation, which, by the way, the G502 Lightspeed can store thanks to an onboard memory. There’s also adjustable weight distribution/customisation options at your disposal. You can add up to 16g more in parts of four 2g weights in the centre and/or two 4g weights at the back.

It also supports PowerPlay wireless charging. So if you have the PowerPlay charging mouse pad, then you never have to worry about charging ever again.


To simply put it, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed is pure indulgence and if you’re even considering throwing fifteen grand on a gaming mouse, this ticks plenty of boxes for a lot of people.

For pro FPS gamers, the weight is obviously going to be a turning point. Lighter isn’t necessarily better if you’re good at your game, but that extra weight on the Lightspeed is still fatiguing at pro-level gaming. Everything else, however, is downright fantastic.

The design and the ergonomics of G502 is addictive. We don’t think it gets any better than this for palm grip users. The adjustable weights and Hyperscroll caters to your luxury needs, and if you’re fine tuning this baby for gaming, there’s no better companion. The connection and battery life are spotless, too. Nitpicking the G502 Lightspeed for anything else is a waste of time and if you have a stack of cash lying around, it’s certainly not a waste of money.

Stuff says... 

Logitech G502 Lightspeed review

A gaming mouse for those with an exquisite taste
Good Stuff 
Fantastic grip
Hyperscroll is my new favourite
All mice should come with a rubberised grip like this
Battery life is great
Connection is spotless
Bad Stuff 
Wired version is half the price