For small heads and pockets. The Logitech G335 is as barebones as you’d expect from any entry-level gaming headphone where everything is screaming budget.

Like everything budget in the world of tech, this too is destined to be aimed at college students and gamers who are one step closer to hot tub streams because the landlord might cut off the water supply. Even then, the G335 feels like it should be cheaper for the features it packs. The build quality is less than desirable. Although, it looks like something that would excite any gamer. The angular style and tempting colourways are great but the plastic quality is not as sturdy as the HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 which we reviewed several months ago. It is lightweight but also feels hollow and isn’t very nice to touch. Actually, the plastic build quality is very close to what you get with the Alienware 310H. The G335 comes in White and Black and both look great. The same cannot be said about the delicate built quality. We wish Logitech launched the Mint colour as well but that’s not available in India at the time of writing this review.

There’s also no tilt adjustment too. It’s as immovable as the Hulk after three pints. The height adjustment might not fit big noggins as well. The floating elastic headband is a nice touch. It’s washable and can be flipped to sport another colour. The memory foam earpads are not removable but they feel nice on the skin. The textured fabric is breathable and doesn’t completely cut off the outside world. They’re not removable as well which is disappointing.

Sound quality is average if we’re really talking about the specifics. The intro to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson lacks power and punch. Anything with a complicated soundstage is too much to handle and lost on the G335. Although they manage to not feel congested like the HyperX. Drums only have a thump when you turn the volume above 70% in Fade to Black by Metallica. These are also not suited for instrumental scores or any kind of audio with an emphasis on the top end of the frequency spectrum. It might come across as too sharp and jarring for some people. 

The fantastic track from Ghostrunner sounds great on these headphones. It’s clean and has enough punch in the bass (once you turn up the volume to 90%) to keep us happy and immersed in Daniel Deluxe’s synthwave symphonies.

There are no fancy 7.1 surround tricks on these like the HyperX but they do a fantastic job at foot detection in competitive games like Valorant. The mic needed some boost from Windows sound settings to get the voice across on Discord. These are Discord-certified, but we had to adjust the microphone boost to +20.0 dB in Windows settings because, on default audio settings, the folks on the other side had a tough time hearing my voice.

The G335 could’ve been slightly cheaper. The flip-up to mute boom mic is a nice feature and the audio quality is passable as long as you stick to electronic music and videogames. Anything nuanced is not fun to listen to on the Logitech G335. It’s also using a traditional 3.5mm audio jack and comes with a splitter adapter in the box. 

The plasticky body is still a letdown and the earcups are not removable and only offer minimum adjustments to fit perfectly. These won’t give you an ear-bleed like the Alienware but we wish it had a better build quality like the HyperX.

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Logitech G335 review

For tight budgets that want fancy hues, the G335 offers decent audio for the price.
Good Stuff 
Great for gaming marathons
Flip-up to mute is necessary, thanks!
The volume wheel is on the headset too
Bad Stuff 
The plastic body is hollow and weak
No removable earpads
No removable cable or mic