Wireless headsets are here to stay and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Let’s start off with a small quiz. What are the things that pop into your head when you think of Sweden? Football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic, safest car manufacturer Volvo, one of the best home furnishers Ikea and audio major Jays. Don’t know who they are? Shame on you.

Anyhow, just like the Swedes, the Swedish audio brand is popular for its good looks, dressing sense and crisp audio quality.

These walked into the Stuff HQ about a week ago and boy did we like them. So much, that we decided to take them for a long stroll. We played all sorts of genres from Indie to techno to classic rock and even modern pop.

Want to know how these fared in our musical test? Let’s dig in.

Design - Good lookin’ danglers

If you’re picky about colours, the Jays-a-Six wireless come in three (black on gold, white on silver and grey on silver) colours to choose from. These neck hangers look simple, minimalistic and stay classy at the same time. Just how we like it.

The earbuds are crafted from premium metals and come packed in an aluminium housing. The decal plate is made of stainless steel and has laser-cut holes that serve as a tuned bass port. Which apparently results in better audio quality. Which might be true, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Just like the Fives, the a-Six wireless have those typical Jays headphone flat-noodle wires signifying the brand’s identity. It’s got one of the smallest earbuds in the world right now and these bad boys like to dig deep... in the ear canal. At least they don't stick out like others or don’t seem to fall off easily. Phew.

One major flaw with the design is the battery unit behind the neck that keeps swaying left to right. It drops side ways and sometime even from the behind when it's idle and not in use. It can get a bit annoying, especially if you tend to run, walk or or move a lot. What’s the fix to this issue? It needs some of kind of holder, clip or magnet so it stays latched on to the neck.

Since it’s got a short wire, the microphone is not too far out or dangly for that matter and well placed for clear speech and easy reachability. It’s housed with three cute buttons for answering calls, playing/pausing music, summoning the voice assistant and to check battery life.

Overall these are ideal for those who don’t move too much and are looking to cut out the wire clutter and yet look good at the same time.

Sound - Sing along young one

Jays wants nothing to interrupt while you listen to music. No wire hassle or no connectivity issue. Just you and good ol’ tunes. We knew the Jays were known for their acoustic supremacy. So we turned on some James Blake, Sigur Ros, Ben Howard and even some Bon Iver to test out the vocals, and oh boy, the the lows and mids are tuned finely.

These small buds can deliver clarity and brilliant sound which is impossible to find at this price. Don’t forget, these are wireless.

Our only concern was the slight lack of thump in bass. It feels a little shallow and doesn't emphasize on certain areas. We’re not fully disappointed though, the bass is still somewhat punchy in a few songs.

These aren’t for those who fill their entire playlist with hardcore EDM, techno or bass & drum. You won’t be satisfied with the bass and you’ll keep wanting more. However, if you like damaging your ears often, it’s safe to say that if played on maximum volume you won’t trip on any sort of distortion or volume tear.

Need these wireless sticklers for YouTube or Netflix more than music listening? Worry not, the audio and video will play in sync with zero latency and you won’t hesitate wearing these for binge sessions too.

Reliability - Take a chill pill

When the word wireless is added to the mix, battery is a big priority for us, no matter what you say. Without good battery it’s as good as dead. You can charge the Jays through a microUSB cable (given in the box) and they'll easily last you an entire working day (roughly 12hrs) even with your commute back home.

Wireless connectivity is a challenge for most audio brands to ace. You don’t want call drops, bad connectivity or very limited wireless range. It should be enough for you to leave your phone behind, go get yourself a coffee, attend a phone call mid-way and back at your desk.

Guess what? Jays have got their formula right and the a-Six prove worthy in the wireless area. Connecting to them via Bluetooth is a breeze and can smoothly keep your tunes playing uninterrupted for about 7-8 meters from your device. Now that’s a win.


The headphone jack still remains, but it's unlikely you'll spot a jack in upcoming smartphone devices. Come to the wireless side if you haven't switched already, because things just get easier up here.

A good pair of wireless earphones should cost you about 3k going all the way to 20k. We know money doesn't grow on trees, that’s why there’s a plethora of options to choose from.

There’s the sexy Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless (15,200), Soundmagic E10BT (3499) , Sekullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Wireless (4,999),  Beyerdynamic Byron BTs (7150), RHA MA650 (7999), Sennheiser CXBT (7490) and then the Jays a-Six wireless sneaking in at 5999.

Quite a few to choose from , with each of them having their ups and downs in design, music quality, battery life and individual price tags. Over to you to find your suited best.

Tech Specs 
6mm dynamic speakers
Frequency range
20-20,000 Hz
Bluetooth 4.1
In the box
5 sizes of eartips and MicroUSB charging cable
Stuff says... 

Jays a-Six wireless review

Great connectivity, battery and looks, but bass-heads might disapprove
Good Stuff 
Snug and light fit
Great battery
Minimalistic design
Seamless connection
Crisp sound detail
Bad Stuff 
Keeps falling of the neck
Not for bass-punchers