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07 September 2015 / 14:19IST

App of the week: Monument Valley review

Immerse yourself in a beautiful world of impossible architecture, guiding a silent princess to an unknown and mysterious goal
05 June 2015 / 13:03IST

App of the week: Hitman GO review

With its chin-stroking strategy, Hitman GO takes the assassination franchise into unfamiliar territory for its iPhone and iPad debut.
18 April 2015 / 16:25IST

App of the Week: Fotonica review

It turns out androids don’t dream of electric sheep — they have nightmares about running into the endless unknown
20 February 2015 / 17:22IST

App of the Week: Framed review

You’ve been framed! Naturally, then, it’s time to subvert the language of comic-books in order to flee the fuzz!...