There are brands that innovate and strive to reach excellence. There are brands who are not afraid to do something different and take a risk. There are brands who aim to provide the maximum phone for minimum cash.

Infinix is one of those brands and they aren’t afraid to show it - even when they name their phones. The Hot 6 Pro. Yes, the Hot 6 Pro is Infinix’s latest budget buster that has its crosshairs on big-name budget giants like Xiaomi and the Asus Zenfone series. With an MOP that sits at 7,999, it is pocket friendly, but is it any good? We received an early unit and here’s what we think.

Bulimic body

We received the ‘Sandstone Black’ variant of the Hot 6 Pro and it looks and feels eerily similar to the Xiaomi Redmi Y2. However, it’s quite light and doesn’t try to hide its humble origins. The Hot 6 sports a 6in display with a now standard 18:9 ratio. But the problem here is that there’s a rather big and odd chin that sort of robs the Hot 6 of the whole ‘Infinity Display’ look that it claims on the box. Oh wait, I spot a forehead as well. What? There’s no notch either? Well, it isn’t a true ‘Infinity Display’ then is it? Yup, it’s just a regular 6in display much like its rivals.

The fingerprint sensor rests at the back and what we like is the lack of a prominent camera bump that juts out like a sore thumb on an otherwise perfect surface. Talking about surface, the finish feels quite nice actually for something that costs so little. The Redmi Y2 has a finish that’s a tad glossy, but the Hot 6 Pro’s matte layer feels nicer.

Crispy colours

The massive 6in display has the standard resolution of 1440x720p. It isn’t the sharpest around when you take into consideration the gorgeous 2160x1080p panel on the Oppo Realme 1 that costs just a tad more than the Hot 6. However, colours are represented rather well and the display is vivid enough to impress those who like it a bit overdone.

There is a ‘Colour Correction’ feature in the ‘Accessibility’ tab, but that doesn’t help the case much. In fact it is experimental and as of now, just doesn’t work as expected. Text appears sharp and there’s an ‘Eye Saver’ mode to soothe your retinas as well.


Snap bait

A 13MP + 2MP dual camera setup dominate the photography scene for the Hot 6 Pro. The camera app layout is simple and standard. It includes the regular Portrait, Night and also a Professional Mode should you feel extra creative. Jumping straight to the portrait mode, we were left a bit confused. When you tap on the object you need to focus on, there’s no real time blurring that occurs, the blur is introduced later after the picture is taken and you see it when you view it.

The quality itself is not something to write home about, tougher things to process, like hair and  curvier edges are not very well defined and there is a hint of noise even when the subject is in adequate light. It all seems to be going down a slippery slope right? Well not all is lost. Colours are captured well and the regular mode enables a greater amount of detail to be had.

However, there are still some issues with getting the exposure right and it is a slight struggle overall. But given the price, you’re not going to use the Hot 6 Pro mainly for photography now are you? The 5MP front camera is okay too with a bit of Snapchat here and a bit of Insta there is the ideal situation for the Hot 6 Pro.

Running it hot

The Snapdragon 425 chip is a tried and tested budget performer and does an okay job of keeping up with the Hummingbird XOS 3.2 OS. The XOS is a sort of hit and miss and is a more cumbersome take on Android. The app drawer is laden with letters on the left and the right hand side that apparently aid in searching and categorizing the apps. We don’t think it’s needed, well, at least, not on both sides.

Multitasking through apps and social media feels fluid and is what we expect at this price and RAM size, which is 3GBs. You do get an app freezer and bloatware can be shoved into that to clean up some space. Heavy games like PUBG and others do struggle a bit, but once up and running perform well. Even though it’s called the Hot 6 Pro, doesn’t heat up much when pushed hard.

Retro romance

There’s no USB Type C charging here. It’s the old school mini usb route here and it does take longer to charge when compared to its USB Type C totting rivals. But that’s not a big issue since the battery itself is a mammoth 4000mAh and the phone is very efficient when it comes to utilising the juice. It easily lasts a day of regular chatting, videos, music and social media along with some light browsing.


The Infinix Hot 6 Pro has a lot going for it. The main thing being price. It’s quite a looker and feels great in the hand. Performs quite well and is efficient too. Yes, it doesn’t have the best snapper around, but it’s no slouch either and the big battery life makes a strong case for it. So, if you’re in the market for a phone that costs no more than 8k and you can’t spend an iota more, the Hot 6 Pro should be worth checking out.

Stuff says... 

Infinix Hot 6 Pro review

A decent budget option that undercuts the price of many rivals and performs well too
Good Stuff 
Quite a bargain at ₹7999 MOP
Good robust build
Nice finish that feels good in the hand
Decent Face ID
Bad Stuff 
Camera could be better
OS needs work