The Pulsefire Haste is built for esports gaming. Competitive shooter games are where this mouse thrives and if you’re looking for a lightweight and sturdy mouse, the Haste is probably one of the best mice in town for competitive shooters.

We reviewed the Pulsefire Raid last year and that had all the givings of a palm-grip gaming mouse with plenty of buttons and customisations. This right here is more duty centric. The many holes on this are to reduce the weight and the honeycomb design is to make sure those holes don’t collapse like a house of cards.

The Pulsefire Haste weighs just 59 grams. It’s the lightest mouse we’ve ever tested here at Stuff. The lightweight adds value to FPS gaming when you’re looking for flicks and quick cursor movement. It’s not wireless though, so expect a bit of resistance from the cable. Although in our use, the cable barely slowed the Haste down. It’s flexible, braided and light as a feature too.

The symmetrical design is not well suited for palm grip or claw but somewhere in between the two. It’s not all that bad though, it is quite comfortable to use and the honeycomb structure doesn’t give way to creaks and squeaks. It’s sturdy. You might have to consider keeping dust away with proper care when it’s not being used. HyperX says the switches inside the shell have an anti-dust coating but only time will tell. The switches themselves have a nice click and tension. You get two thumb buttons too with the possibility to customise every button through the HyperX Ngenuity app. 


You also get extra skates and grip tape for both sides of the mouse and left and right-click buttons. It’s very useful and the extra skates will help you in the long run. Good job HyperX!

You get up to 16000 DPI and the sensor follows pretty much the best standards for price. The Haste is built for the OP shots in Valorant and the CS:GO devotees. It helps if you’re trying to climb the rank hierarchy in these competitive shooters. 

Tech Specs 
Pixart PAW3335
Up to 16000 DPI
Onboard memory
Weight (without cable)
Stuff says... 

HyperX Pulsefire Haste gaming mouse review

Built for competitive shooters and thrives under competitive pressure 
Good Stuff 
Has holes but is sturdy
Lightweight and how!
Great pricing
Bad Stuff 
Nothing at this price