You don’t need to shop at the farmers market for the freshest juice anymore. DIY at home!

While organic and artisanal have been buzzwords to watch out for the past couple of years, it has also spawned a whole new industry of cold-pressed juices that have a nutritional value due to their unconventional (for large scale manufacturing) juicing methods. These cold-pressed juices avoid the high-speed motor that basically adds air into the mix besides burning the vital and delicate nutrients present in the pulp. While the market is awash with hipster brands that promise to cleanse your insides with the goodness of cold-pressed juice, it’s a process that is virtually impossible to mimic at home without the associated heavy machinery. Come in Hurom, a Korean brand that is being introduced in India by Luxury Personified who also deal with other high-end brands from different sectors.



Designed to blend in a modular kitchen where style is as important as function, our test sample was a smart black and gold variant but you can also opt for a more conspicuous red, copper or a muted grey. Slim as can be for a juicer, Hurom claims to hold a worldwide patent for its slow squeezing technology which is the next best thing to a cold press. The ultem screw spins at a lazy 43rpm compared to the 8000-10000rpm motors of conventional blenders or juicers and that’s where the secret lies. It’s almost as if a robotic hand squeezes the fruit with constant and slow pressure, keeping all the goodness intact without any of the heat generated by the high-speed motor. The design of the H-AA is pretty well thought out too. The spinning brush inside the main container mixes the juice as it is squeezed by the ultem screw and is spewed out through the strainer. The strainer captures all the pulp and seeds but the user gets a level to control the amount of pulp you want in your juice. Up to 500ml can be collected in one go and pouring it out is as convenient as opening the sealed tap and letting it out in the supplied container. Build quality is ace throughout and everything fits and clicks like a quality piece of appliance should, including the rubber sealant on the tap and the stainless steel strainer.


Everything from assembly of the unit itself to putting in the chopped fruits or vegetables through the hopper is an easy process. The size of the opening is pretty narrow so you need to chop your preferred produce into bite-sized chunks before you squeeze the life out of them. But since most of the operational body is translucent, it is a fun process to see your daily dose of vitamins being churned out in real time, without any artificial flavours or additives. The first glass of apple juice that we poured out proved the mettle of the Hurom. Instantly, every other packaged juice seemed artificial to tase and just not fresh enough. The results were the same for pineapple, grape and carrot or tomato. The residual pulp in most cases makes for great cooking additives too and is easily ejected by the Hurom through an outlet. Feel the pulp and it’s as dry as possible, which is a reassuring feeling since you know your expensive fruits aren’t being wasted.

Since the idea is to slow-churn anything your put inside the hopper, the Hurom now also comes with an ice-cream strainer that allows you to make homemade sorbets or desserts too. The same lever that allows you to control how pulpy you want your juice ensures that you get all of the extract from your mango or strawberries for homemade ice cream! Operation is silent and swift, without calling attention to itself like conventional high-speed juicers. The only real downside is the seeds that have to be removed to prevent your orange juice from getting bitter because the H-AA doesn’t really de-seed that well and crushes seed in its auger as well.

Cleaning is a tedious but fairly quick process once you master the art of disassembling the unit. But, it will be a constant process if you wish to keep things pure and not let orange pulp get into your grape juice. Cleaning after every juicing session isn’t mandatory but will soon become the preferred way if you tend to mix your fruits a lot. It helps that the cleaning and drying tools are supplied within the box. Alternatively, if it’s only for one person and one glass at a time, you might find it more convenient to just stock up on RAW juices in your fridge.


Regardless of your usage though, there is no denying that the Hurom is fantastic value for money in a household that is big on juices. It may be expensive compared to conventional juicers that sell for perhaps 1/10th its asking price but then again, they don’t make juicing as much fun or healthy. It certainly isn’t for everyone but if you can afford it, it’s a worthy investment that you will be inclined to use every day of your life.

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Hurom H-AA Series Juicer review

It looks smart, does the job as advertised and more importantly churns out the best fresh juice you may have tasted at home and that itself is worth exploring it for!
Good Stuff 
Premium build and materials
Best tasting juice, unlike any other packaged juice
Cleaning and drying tools included
Bad Stuff 
Requires time to clean properly